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Choose (2011) HD
Choose (2011)
Year, country:
Marcus Graves
Katheryn Winnick, Kevin Pollak, Nicholas Tucci,
83 min/episode
In the city there was a killer maniac. His actions are very unpredictable. A killer gives his victim a chance: in a short period of time a person should choose whom or what he can sacrifice. The daughter of lawyer Elliott Vincent wakes up at night and discovers his parents are tied up. The criminal proposes to kill her father or mother. The choice should be made in one minute. The poor girl chose her father. To the pianist Simon Campbell, the fanatic proposes to lose a hearing or fingers.

These and other matters are handled by the detective of the central site, Tom Wagner. Unfortunately, the investigation of these crimes has reached a deadlock, as the motive and logic of the criminal is not clear. The detective's daughter, a Fiona student, wants to help her father catch the monster. The fact is that some time ago the girl's mother passed away, leaving a suicide note. It stated that every person has a choice. Then the most incredible thing happened: the maniac himself communicates with Fiona. He e-mails the materials about his atrocities. Maybe the girl somehow connected with it? About this movie "Choose (2011)"
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