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Favorites Capture the Flag (2015)

Capture the Flag (2015)
Year, country:
Enrique Gato
Dani Rovira, Michelle Jenner, Carme Calvell
94 min/episode
Mike from the adventure cartoon "CAPTURE THE FLAG" only 12 years old. But he already knew one scary mystery. It turns out that billionaire Carson plans to capture the moon. Hmm, nehily now manners from the rich. You ask, how did the boy learn about the cunning plan? Yes, everything is simple. Mike's family are cosmonauts. And it would be strange, do not know the guy some of the subtleties of work.

But only now adults do not particularly believe this overheard deduction Mike. Mal still, stupid. But the hero, after all, do not look that a teenager, but to admit such a terrible conquest can not. The moon is something - it's, in fact, it's a total. I'll have to get to the boy before her. Well, and there, "according to the lunar arrival" and the plan is brewing, this same exposure of the rich villain. But who would Mike take to the ship? That's right, no one. But it will help the best of friends. Together, by the way, they will make their way to this gigantic cosmic machine. And along the way they will have time not only to convince adults of the evil machinations of Carson, but also to unite Mike's family, because once upon a time grandfather and father lost a common language ...
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