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Staten Island Summer (2015) HD
Staten Island Summer (2015)
Year, country:
Rhys Thomas
Graham Phillips, Zack Pearlman, Ashley Greene
108 min/episode
Two friends decide to spend the summer after graduation, working as rescuers. The sensation of adult life overwhelms them, only the complete lack of experience hinders. It does not give rest to children. They are going to make this summer unforgettable, to come off to the full, fall in love, organize the most cheerful in the history of Staten Island party. After all, when you yourself work, you can afford to be responsible for your own actions. Only it turns out that on its straight path to adulthood, the main characters look insanely funny. The first timid attempts to win girlish hearts often end in failure, and for the next rebellious trick the authorities begin to scold ...
The comedy "Staten Island Summer" is very easy and fun. It can be seen as a huge company, enjoying not only youthful humor, but also comments of friends, and in proud solitude. Danny and Frank embody the image of all the awkward and slightly insecure guys. Looking at the outrageous youth, there is an understanding that these years are the most charming, so you need to appreciate them, and, of course, remember the funny stories of a stormy youth that still cause laughter!
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