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Favorites Miss You Already (2015)

Miss You Already (2015)
Year, country:
Catherine Hardwicke
Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Dominic Cooper
112 min/episode
The film "Already Miss You" is a comedy drama about friendship, which no barriers are afraid of.
Millie and Jess do not bleed the water from the day you met. They have their own rituals and shared habits that are not lost in the past, even when both have got married. Legends about the legendary forgings of girls are made up by legends, for it is difficult to imagine more otvyaznyh and close friends than the heroines.
It seems nothing can separate Millie and Jess, but it's not. The first one has an aggressively growing tumor: the cancer is already at a stage that you can try to defeat it, but the chances are ghostly small. A whale and two children are nearby, but Millie needs Jess for complete harmony. And for the first time there was a secret from a friend: she is pregnant and is afraid that such news in a compartment with an event can upset Millie and cause an incorrect reaction.
However, the moment of revelation is predictable, and now the heroines can only one thing: to live the remaining days in the way they always wanted, coming off and rejoicing in the little things, because their forced separation is inevitable ...
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