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Favorites Area 51 (2015)

Area 51 (2015) HD
Area 51 (2015)
Year, country:
Oren Peli
Sandra Staggs, Glenn Campbell, Jelena Nik
91 min/episode
What happens on the hidden government database, known under the encrypted name "Area 51"? This wants to find out three young students - conspirologists about vocation. They say that in this "zone" there was a meeting with entities not from our planet. Activists take a camera with them and penetrate (which is strange, absolutely legal), on the base, capturing everything as a documentary chronicle. They looked forward to seeing there much that was shrouded in mystery, but what they would find would be - and in reality - also very, very terrible ...
Not all aliens are friendly - everyone knows this from films. But to come into contact with someone who pierces people with tentacles, what is called "live" - this is not what to see like that on the screen. And if alien creatures have a susceptibility to change like chameleons? Or they can move objects without even trying to touch them? And why do the military shelter them from all, instead of giving publicity to the case, tell us about the opening up to society? But is it worth it to crush the crowd to see the truth, to which it is not yet ready? Look in the movie "Area 51".
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