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Don't Think Twice (2016) HD
Don't Think Twice (2016)
Year, country:
Mike Birbiglia
Gillian Jacobs, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Birbiglia
92 min/episode
"Do not Think Twice" directed by M. Birbiglia - a soulful American comedy film about a small, cohesive group of improvisers. Ten years the actors are playing side by side on the stage of a big city. Adored occupation of talented friends is about to fail after the sale and closing of the theater. They are all friends since childhood. While all the participants of the troupe were at the same level of material prosperity, their relations in the troupe were almost ideal - it could be difficult for them, but money never became between them. They worked together and spent their leisure time together.
And then the incredible friends fell incredible - they got an offer to participate in the casting of the most important comedy show in New York City called "This Weekend Live". Any ambitious actor wants to be a participant in this famous TV show. But there is an assumption that all the guys will not pass the selection - a ticket to a happy new future will be able to pull only one of them. And it happened - one of the members of the team gets a favorable money offer to work on television, but there is also a danger over the warmth of the relationship in their small collective.
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