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Favorites Armed Response (2017)

Armed Response (2017)
Year, country:
John Stockwell
Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche, Dave Annable,
93 min/episode
"Armed answer" is a horror fighter about a team of professionals opposed to artificial intelligence.
An isolated military complex, where the Pentagon conducts top-secret research, resembles a fortified prison. Here, the capabilities of the newest supercomputer from the Temple project are being tested, helping to neutralize the enemy. Studies open great prospects for the military, but one day the staff of "Object 9" suddenly falls silent. The special group does not respond to requests, the connection is interrupted, so a team of qualified operatives is sent to the silent object.
The founder of the Gabe project and the squad of special forces were instructed to clarify the situation. Checking the territory, they discover intact equipment, the bodies of the brutally murdered predecessors and war criminal Ahmadi, who knows how to get here. The seized "guest" is expected to be biased on the polygraph, but the supercomputer suddenly becomes unmanageable. Military and captive terrorists are held hostage to the rebellious artificial intelligence.
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