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The Veil (2017)
Year, country:
Brent Ryan Green
Serinda Swan, William Moseley,
85 min/episode
"The action of a fantastic action movie takes place on Earth at a time when it has already lost its habitual appearance. Because of the endless wars that burn it to the ground, the planet turned into a bloody wasteland. Disappeared cities and countries, and instead of them appeared tribal factions. People who still managed to miraculously survive, are in constant fear that their death is already close. The protagonist was at the head of a militant army of people, and then he was brutally betrayed by the closest, leaving him to die in a deserted place. Fortunately, he survived because he was found by a beautiful woman, who was also a princess. She took him to her tribe, went out and brought her back to life. Most of all, the man was surprised by the fact that he was quietly received here, not considered an enemy. On the contrary - all members of the tribe are sure that he is an elected person, special. He is considered the only warrior who can conduct the most difficult battle on the planet. The hero is used to fighting, but this is even a very big responsibility for him. Will he cope with it? Is he really elected for such a mission?"
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  1. garas
    • 0
    It looks great, with blue-tinged widescreen images of ominousness, well-staged 1985 flashbacks and a couple of semi-workable scares, but it's a predictable, pat programmer.
    • 12 November 2017 21:37