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Favorites Goodfellas (1990)

Goodfellas (1990)
Year, country:
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci
146 min/episode
As a kid, Henry Hill dreamed of becoming a banker or a pilot, but a gangster. His childhood was spent in a poor neighborhood where the Hill family was huddled in a miserable apartment, constantly in need, despite the parents' attempts to earn honest bread. Gangsters, which were plenty in the slums, were for Henry heroes, people from another planet - these nice guys dressed stylishly and beautifully, rolled on steep cars, turned novels with luxurious women and feared no one. And most importantly, they could always pull out of their pockets a plump wallet stuffed with green papers with portraits of presidents or a pistol-it helped to easily solve any problems.
Living in a slum, Henry could not help but get involved in crime, but the guy was not only not embarrassed by the criminal life, on the contrary, he liked him. He regularly carried out errands of the bandits, always justifying their trust, and was awarded the attention of Paul Cicero himself, one of the authorities, who, in turn, recommended the reliable and smart guy Tommy de Vito and Jimmy Conueyu, part of the elite of the underworld. A series of scams led Henry to jail, but the prison term did not turn him away from the gangland trade. Only the world has changed - now Henry has to fear not only policemen, but also friends-gangsters, among whom there may be a traitor ...
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