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Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown (2017)
Year, country:
Matt Peters
Grey DeLisle, Tania Gunadi, Matthew Lillard,
79 min/episode
Cartoon "Scooby Doo! In the wild west "- a new meeting with faithful friends. This time they go on vacation on the ranch "Crazy Kew (cowboy)" at the invitation of cousin Shaggy, Tony. The merry company gathered there - the Internet star Bobby G with parents and sister, sisters-prikolistki and our heroes. Yes, that's bad luck - all somehow react strangely to Shaggy - they shout wildly and run away, where their eyes are looking. Well, Tony and the local sheriff told me what it was all about. Shaggy as two drops of water is similar to Dapper Jack, the former Preppy Jack, their with Tony's relative. Everything about his life and death was written by the sheriff in his book. About how he was a bad person, about his raids and robberies. And, literally, a couple of days ago the ghost of Dapper appeared. And he is not just a hooligan, but also shoots a green fire with two pistols! Tourists are so scared that almost everyone has already left home. The town is almost empty, most private businesses are closed, and Tony is also threatened with ruin.
And, meanwhile, friends are trying to learn something about Dapper Jack, in addition to what is written in the book. But the ghost prevents them, pursuing on horseback and scaring so that several times they might die. Velna scrupulously collects evidence, despite the severe allergy to horse odor.
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