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The Last Scout (2017)
Year, country:
Simon Phillips
Blaine Gray, Simon Phillips, Rebecca Ferdinando
107 min/episode
Watch online fantastic film "The Last Scout" will tell its viewers about the distant future of the planet, when due to serious atmospheric pollution all life on the planet is threatened with extinction. People are desperately looking for a new way to solve the problem and trying to find a new home for all mankind, where they can start everything from a clean page. However, finding a new place is a difficult task. The group of cosmonauts again goes on the next trip and sincerely believes that they will succeed, because every second in the account and time to spend on trifles is completely absent. Continuing to watch the movie "The Last Scout" online, it will be interesting to understand that almost every living thing dies and the apocalypse will soon come. However, a group of scientists still manage to get on the right track and they discover planets in one of the solar systems, which is completely suitable for existence. Now it is only necessary to check everything again and we can proceed to evacuation. But none of them even imagined could not bring to what serious problems all this can lead.
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