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Favorites Campfire Kiss (2017)

Campfire Kiss (2017)
Year, country:
James Head
Danica McKellar, Paul Greene, Ali Skovbye
88 min/episode
Lonely mother Dan began to lose contact with her son Arthur. The teenager likes to read, play football, and also play music a little on the guitar. The woman teaches probability theory at school and tries to over-patronize her son. This often leads to big misunderstandings in the family. Dana decided to change something. She is buying a ticket for the spring break with the sports camp "Bear Creek". The woman went to buy the necessary equipment for this. At the tourist store, she had a rather stupid conflict with the owner of this establishment, Steve Reynolds.
As described in the movie "Kiss by the fire," everyone was distributed in the camp by special detachments. Dana and Arthur got to the "chipmunks". The woman was very surprised when Steve was in the next tent. The man recently divorced his wife. His daughter Lassie alternately spends time with her parents. Steve has the same problems as Dana. So he also decided to go with Lassie to the countryside. In the evening, it seemed to Dana that a bear had climbed into her tent. Steve as a real man went to drive him away. Violator of calm was not a forest beast, but an ordinary cat. From this moment, Steve and Dana began to approach each other.
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