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Breaking Legs (2017) HD
Breaking Legs (2017)
Year, country:
Mark Marchillo
Lee Meriwether, Richard Riehle, Chris Kattan
98 min/episode
A tragic death of a mother, a psychological trauma, moving to another town and the only salvation are dances that can bring a young girl back to life. She is obsessed with dances, we live and breathe. Despite the "bitterness" in the soul, the young schoolgirl is gradually recovering and making friends in an unfamiliar environment. One of her new comrades is a school "badboy", who meets with the main star of the dance club.
   Bloom, was there really no more guys? Was it necessary to get close to Herbie? Oh, he, then, is a good, sweet and in general his hair is cool? Otpad, just exhaustive arguments, by God! Well, what if it is so, then stuff your feet well, darling, to get into the dance team. Yes, yes - you heard correctly! Pretty Harmony, who "twists" with Herbie from the 7th grade, will not give it to you easily, so you'll have to get your feet up. Bloom, take the eggs in a fist - oh ugh, that is, gather and go!
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