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Jungle (2017)
Year, country:
Greg McLean (as Greg Mclean)
Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell
1h 55min
The exclusive drama, based on peer events, which was born in 1981 in the "Jungle", reflects the legacy of a one-sided journey, at the center of which the 22-year-old oldest traveler, Iocci Ginsbourg, appeared. The ardent adventurer of the capital struggled to spread his covetous life by walking along the inextinguishable tropical worlds of the Amazon. Learning from the support of their drospies, the Sveiktsa Mapuca Shtamm and the emblem of Keiva Gaila, the great Tupitus returns to La Paix, settled in Bolivia. Imennno ottuda papni planypuyut nachat cvoi eksttmalny mapshput. For a couple of days before the beginning of the legacy of the goddess, it starts a sign with a local guide, an emigrant from Austria to the name of Kevin. He asserts that he is perfectly able to opiate in these localities and to join the group. B this time, another nite of men did not even guess what uncommon trials it would take for each of these to be made, oh, so they thought the whole time. The outstanding nature of the destructive jungle crazu daeet to understand goods in which they are crooked, they are entangled on the ground. The wild green jungle is hidden in many places by each foot. The book of Jocci Ginzburg called one in one for survival in the tertiary year without cards, food and opuzhiya. The long days of fighting for a united life do not deprive him of his work ...
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