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Favorites American Assassin (2017)

American Assassin (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Cuesta
Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan
1h 52min
Despite his young age, the protagonist already knew perfectly well what a strong pain is from the loss of a loved one. A terrible tragedy forever changed the guy. For himself, he saw no other way out than how to start the fight against terrorism. Since then, the brave Mitch has served the cause of the homeland. He had to tell a lot during his work. He became a real thunderstorm of the underworld. No one could compare with him in professionalism. The company is made up of an experienced detective Stan. The couple has incredible abilities and can easily figure out scoundrels who are plotting another terrorist attack.
Every day a student and a brave operative put their lives in danger. The conspirators are armed. They can open fire at any moment, but this fact does not frighten the guards of order at all. They are ready to strike back at the enemy. Ahead of them waiting for new business. At the risk, partners do not cease to disclose world conspiracies, catch intruders and seek justice. Each of the tasks requires maximum impact, friends immediately take on a difficult job, because the well-being of their fellow citizens depends on their coordinated actions. From a terrible fate, these desperate comrades will save the city 2017 in HD 720?
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  1. garas
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    There's plenty of talk about American Sins in American Assassin, but none of it changes the fact that the bad guys want to do bad things and must be stopped, so there really isn't much point to all that chatter.
    • 25 November 2017 03:29