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Favorites Finding Santa (2017)

Finding Santa (2017)
Year, country:
David Winning
Jodie Sweetin, Eric Winter, Brenden Sunderland
1h 29min
Christmas Eve is associated with something magical and beautiful. All people are looking forward to this unforgettable holiday. It is on this day that various miracles occur and people begin to believe in magic. However, this is not about our heroine Miranda. Most of all in her life she hates Christmas - on this day she remained an orphan. When everyone is having fun, singing Christmas songs and celebrating with the family, the girl is just sad. She lost loved ones when she was still a little girl and since then she has not been able to regain her faith on Christmas. However, one case can sometimes change a lifetime. So it happened with Miranda. Since the tragedy was a long twenty years, and one day the girl received the old things of the deceased mother. She did not want to disassemble them for a long time, but eventually she decided and some of her mother's things caused her a lot of questions. Miranda decided to deal with what happened 20 years ago. Most of all she was interested in who she really was. The girl goes to a small town where she once lived to find out the truth. It is with this decision that her amazing adventures begin. Maybe in her homeland she will be able to deal with the past, meet real love and return faith to Christmas ...
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