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Favorites Species (1995)

Species (1995)
Year, country:
Roger Donaldson
Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley
1h 48min
Contacts with aliens do not always promise prosperity to humanity, which is what the fantastic film "Species" warns about.

The efforts of experts from the space center SETI, finally, were crowned with success: from the depths of the galaxy comes the signal from intelligent beings, representatives of a distant extraterrestrial civilization. The alien creatures are friendly and willing to make contact, sending earthlings as a present some kind of DNA formula. Careless scientists immediately decrypt the message and mate with the human cell. The result of successful experience becomes a creature in the guise of the girl of the Forces, fast-growing and incredible aggressive.

Guessing that the experiment with extraterrestrial genes is not at all harmless, scientists decide to destroy the experimental monster, but Seal, who in a few minutes turned into a sexy beauty, smashes bulletproof glass and escapes from the laboratory.

A hastily created group is sent to search for the most dangerous creation - two scientists, a psychic and a brave commando. They must stop the cosmic creature, behind the human form of which lies the evil alien essence, guided by the desire to kill and multiply ...
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