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Favorites Sweet Virginia (2017)

Sweet Virginia (2017) HD
Sweet Virginia (2017)
Year, country:
Jamie M. Dagg
Jon Bernthal, Christopher Abbott, Imogen Poots
1h 34min
The film "Death in Alaska" takes place in the American backwater. In the northernmost state of the country, Sam, who previously performed at the rodeo, holds his own small hotel, called "Sweet Virginia." Here for a while a guy called Elwood comes in. He had to vacate the room pretty quickly, but for some reason he stayed in the town. The characters get to know each other and find out that both are from Virginia. But this common between them is not limited, although at first everything does not seem so obvious. Elwood is a hired killer who came to fulfill another order. All of the crimes committed by him are already gossiping, although the criminal manages to remain unnoticed. However, he also has a problem: the employer Leela can not pay. A frightened woman swears that she will get money, although the patience of the killer is already running out. By and large, all this epic was supposed to pass by Sam. And in the end, the hotel owners are drawn into what is happening and risk their own lives because of the mistakes of others.
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