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Favorites BugiGangue no Espaço (2017)

BugiGangue no Espaço (2017)
Year, country:
Ale McHaddo
Danilo Gentili, Brian Munn, Mia Kowalski
1h 20min
At school, Gustavigno and his friends firmly established the reputation of mischievous people. The guys often did various small pranks, which caused displeasure of teachers. Once Gustavino, along with his friends, discovered a real planet-plane. Outgoing seven aliens turned out to be funny creatures of green color. They told their students a difficult story.

As described in the cartoon "Space Brotherhood", somewhere in the depths of space, the Confederation of Planets was created. All sentient beings lived happily there until the cruel conqueror of Gyana Golbe appeared. Seven reasonable representatives of the invasive race were forced to flee on their ship. Not far from the planet Earth their planet-plane collided with other aliens. There was an accident and the invocations were forced to sit near the school Gustavinho.

The guys could not leave their new friends in trouble. Together they fixed the ship and decided to go on a journey around the universe, because someone must restore justice. Schoolboys and invas united in one team, which is now called the space brotherhood.
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