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Totem (2017)
Year, country:
Marcel Sarmiento
Kerris Dorsey, Ahna O'Reilly, James Tupper
1h 29min
A happy family does not assume that a disaster will soon hit the house. The death of his wife was accompanied by mysterious circumstances. The police could not find any clues to continue the investigation. Two daughters are suffering a terrible loss. The husband of the deceased resigned to grief. He is not going to mourn his wife for the rest of his life. A man gets to know a new girlfriend. Their relations are developing rapidly. After a while a new hostess appeared in the house. In children, the act of the father caused resentment, but the hero did not think to pay attention to them. Girls are hard to realize that the place of the native person near the pope is already occupied. After all, not much time has passed.
Further events are related to the death of an unhappy woman. Daughters are trying to find out the truth. They became aware of the details of the last days of the mother. She suffered unbearable suffering from some being.There was a direct connection between the terrible creature and a certain necklace. One of the girls after a long search managed to find a book in which different totems are described. Thanks to the find, the heroine discovered a way to establish contact with the spirits. Will the daughter find out the reasons for the sudden death of my mother?
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