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A Joyous Christmas (2017) HD
A Joyous Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
Allan Harmon
Natalie Knepp, Michael Rady, Bonnie Bedelia
1h 23min
Rachel from an early age showed creative abilities and tried to devote her whole life to her favorite occupation. She is passionately engaged in literary activity, gaining increasing popularity among numerous book lovers, gaining admiration for her own talent. But the main achievements in the professional field are expected by the prospective writer in the future. She goes on a small tour to conduct a presentation of a new work in various localities, which certainly include the city where children's years passed and early adolescence. Local residents are very curious about the famous person who is their countrywoman. Close contact with old acquaintances, people who know her little girl, a lot of positive emotions and evokes pleasant memories disturbing the soul.
After talking with the townspeople, Rachel begins to visit the thoughts about the correctness of the current worldview and the definition of life priorities. She involuntarily thinks about simple but very valuable things in reality, and reconsiders her own views on the chosen way of being. A successful writer, who achieved great results in her career, clearly realizes that she was looking for happiness in the wrong places, often making unnecessary, meaningless actions. No happy money can recoup the moments spent among good-natured, old friends or in the circle of loving relatives. Real gratification and pleasure can be experienced when helping those in need, receiving sincere gratitude. After such situations, life becomes filled with joy, a sense of own importance and spiritual comfort.
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