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Favorites You, Me and Him (2017)

You, Me and Him (2017)
Year, country:
Daisy Aitkens
Faye Marsay, Sarah Parish, David Tennant
1h 38min
The history of the life of two women, having a noticeable age difference and very progressive, modern views on the inter-sex relationship, develops in an unusual, uneasy manner. Having behind them only the negative results of attempts to establish communication with the opposite sex, they gradually come to the conclusion that they are engaged in futile search for reciprocity in the wrong direction. After unsuccessful love relationships in the past, the heroine of the movie "You, Me and Him 2018 online understand that it is necessary to find a harmonious relationship with a representative of this orientation, and create an unconventional marriage.

A young lesbian family lives happily, acquires absolute mutual understanding. In spite of a significant gap in their age, friends alike perceive many aspects of life, respond identically to events, emotionally experience troubles. But the established harmony becomes not quite complete, when the maturing nature begins to awaken in the maturing ladies, laid down by nature, in the test of the feeling of motherhood. Without the presence of children in the house it becomes unbearably sad and lonely.

In order to solve the difficulties that have arisen, it is necessary to understand the attendant complications and decide who will have to bear the future baby, whom to choose as a biological father. To assist in solving a difficult issue, the nearest neighbor was called, who had rather simplistic views on short-term, sexual ties. As a result, one of the same-sex couples is in bed with a charming volunteer, to conceive the long-awaited baby naturally. Such actions resemble real betrayal and cause unforeseen consequences, making adjustments to the continued existence of the couple.
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