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Takers (2010) HD
Takers (2010)
Year, country:
John Luessenhop
Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, Matt Dillon
107 min/episode
"Boys-raiders" (Takers). A gang of robber professionals successfully robs banks throughout California. They famously turn things around and decide on the last, largest business for 25 million dollars. Only there is a catch, an honest policeman wants to put these hijack boys. The film is very bright and impetuous. The standard storyline is beaten beautifully and effectively. There is a lot of action in the picture. Passed the atmosphere of time. The film is made very high quality. The plot has a major adventure, risk, pursuit and chase. Simple morality is not surprising, but a reminder will do good. Showing the life and work of professionals on this and this side. There is a secondary love line. Very thoughtful music for the film, it qualitatively supports the atmosphere of what is happening. Plaque of romanticism and nobility brightens the ugly profession of a robber. Parallel to the main story is the history of policemen. In their lives, not everything is easy. They also have an obsession with work. In general, the film was a success, and it's worth it to be viewed.
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