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Fury (2014)
Year, country:
David Ayer
Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman
134 min/episode
It seems that the victory in one of the bloodiest unprincipled wars is already close. It seems that even a little spiritual and physical effort and fascist Germany will be defeated from its militarized Olympus. It seems that uncompromising and brutal murders practically ceased their victorious march through the countries. "Rage" - the only thing that does not leave the crew of the tank, on the side of which this slogan is painted. The aim of the captain of zealous fighters is to save their lives "shabby" by the war and not to perish on the ashes of the great battle. They passed a lot. But, as it turns out, there is an even more severe path ahead. Then, when the close return to native lands is already enticingly and distinctly, the most difficult tests come. In the fully "worked-out" military team, a raw young fighter joins the army. He never fought. He does not know the immorality of the actions of enemies and allies. But it depends only on him, whether the crew of the tank will be able to get out alive from the last trouble.
The captain of the crew sees how excruciating for the recruit of the murder. But there is no other way out. It is hard to learn the rules that promise to end your immoral existence from day to day, it's hard to kill without flinching. Will it be possible for externally brave newcomer Norman Ellison to overcome himself and overcome his own morals? After all, there is no other way out, for the sake of preserving the life of his newly-born colleagues. The crew of the tank in the movie "Fury" has already got involved in a death-suicidal mission.
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