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Favorites The Walk (2015)

The Walk (2015)
Year, country:
Robert Zemeckis
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon, Guillaume Baillargeon
2h 03min
The plot of the film "Walk" is based on real events that occurred in 1974. A little-known rope-walker from France Philippe Petit learned of the construction of the legendary twin towers and decided to do just a crazy thing. Together with his beloved girl, Philip goes to New York to walk on a tightrope stretched between the towers. In films4k.org you can watch The Walk (2015) online in HD and full movie. Construction of buildings should be completed in about six months and Philip needs to make a walk before it is completed. All this time, together with a small group of like-minded people, he worked out a plan and was preparing to realize his dream.
Walk on the cable at a huge height without insurance, this is only half the case, first you need to penetrate the building site, bring the equipment there and pull the cable. All this is very difficult, dangerous and simply incredible, but Philip is determined to carry out his plan and become famous all over the world.
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