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Favorites The Assignment (2016)

The Assignment (2016)
Year, country:
Walter Hill
Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Tony Shalhoub,
95 min/episode
Director and screenwriter Walter Hill, known to filmmakers on projects such as "Red Heat", "The Expendables", "Deadwood", "Aliens", "Escape", shot a new tape genre insurgent. The film Transkiller will tell you that often even a lucky prince of other people's fate is mistaken, not taking into account: always and everywhere you should be afraid of any troubles. Fate, as it turned out, can slip a test in the person of a plastic surgeon and thus dispose of the life of a successful person to his discretion or punish him for his sins. You will learn about this from the story of the hired killer Frank. He always clearly and quickly fulfills orders, because of what became known in some circles. Once, members of the mafia clan paid attention to him. It's ordered to destroy Frank. Now he changed places with his victims: he was declared a hunt. What did Frank do? He decided to slip away from his pursuers, changing his appearance. The man turned to an underground surgeon for help, and he deprived Frank of all signs of belonging to the male sex. Now he is in the image of a fragile woman. However, the desires and thoughts have not changed: the enemies will have a hard time ...
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