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Favorites The Pirates of Somalia (2017)

The Pirates of Somalia (2017)
Year, country:
Bryan Buckley
Al Pacino, Evan Peters, Melanie Griffith
1h 56min
Once a brave, enterprising person decides to change his fate abruptly, having performed an unimaginable act that no one has dared to do before. Jay Bahadur throws a safe occupation in the Chicago market and becomes a journalist, choosing a dangerous, topical topic. He seriously intrigued the topic of piracy in Somalia. Not having any experience in journalism, not knowing some aspects of this profession, the guy is experiencing an incredible desire to study thoroughly fascinating, risky pirate life. The leadership readily supported the unusual initiative of the young adventurer, who independently developed a plan for penetrating the pirate environment. His plan had many shortcomings, professional incompetence was felt, which was more than compensated by the ability to quickly be identified in unfamiliar surroundings.
A smart guy, capable of quick decisions, who knows how to make contacts, is pretty cleverly introduced into the pirate gang. Now he has the opportunity to observe the pirates, to study their way of life, to enter into trust. Over time, he becomes his man among the thugs and gets access to secret information about the planned criminal intentions. He sends valuable data through special, well-established channels to the state intelligence service, facilitating the exposure of bandit intentions and the prevention of many crimes. Soon, Jay calculates influential people who support criminals, using the information they extract for personal gain. Long stay in a criminal environment is not an easy test for a young journalist, there is a great temptation to take advantage of the small power that is in hand.
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