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Favorites Bullet Head (2017)

Bullet Head (2017)
Year, country:
Paul Solet
Adrien Brody, Rory Culkin, Antonio Banderas
1h 33min
Trinity of unlucky criminal elements is unexpected in a difficult situation. Before the beginning of the forthcoming operation, they carefully planned the actions of all participants, tried to provide for any unforeseen changes, took into account the smallest details. In the general team there are quite experienced, professional criminals who perfectly master the necessary skills. They have many times participated in various crimes, which inevitably result in success, cleverly abandoned the pursuit organized by the police, leaving no serious evidence.
Unfortunately, now luck has turned in the opposite direction. The accomplices were in an extremely embarrassing situation. They were in an enclosed space, unable to escape unharmed. If they stay in place, they will be arrested and imprisoned. Running away from the chase, the intruders decided to hide in an abandoned warehouse building, which was quickly blocked and surrounded by operatives. This circumstance did not cause panic among the companions, they were already selected earlier from more difficult situations.
If you use the circumstances to your advantage in a certain way, apply a clever plan and surprise effect, then you can risk breaking through a tight cordon. Unexpected problems create the presence in the room of a huge guard dog. A well-trained animal realized that the boundaries of his possessions had been violated by intruders. He is not going to release unpunished visitors with impunity, loudly reacting to any manifestation of activity on their part. Outside the exit of criminals patiently waiting for the police, and inside the furious dog closely follows the slightest movements of detractors.
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