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Undercover Angel (2017) HD
Undercover Angel (2017)
Year, country:
Steven Monroe
Clayton Chitty, Julian Christopher, Matt Ellis
1h 30min
In this film Angel is not just a young man, he is unusual and unique. The guy lives with his mother named Louise, a patient in a psychiatric hospital, apart from everyone, and that he exists, no one suspects: An angel has been invisible since birth. He grew up and played like all children, but was completely alone. In addition to the mother, none of the others even thought of the fact that he exists here.
Once Angel meets his peer, the beautiful red-haired girl Madeleine. It was she who brightened up the loneliness of the young phenomenon. The girl is blind and in love with the young man and does not know at all about the characteristics of his beloved. Young people are always next to each other, they live happily and carefree. But the years go by and all their lives change radically, the threat looms over the relationship of these two when Madeleine in her touching letter addressed to her beloved Angel talks about the only opportunity to become a sighted person through medical intervention.
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