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Favorites The Bad Date Chronicles (2017)

The Bad Date Chronicles (2017)
Year, country:
Steven R. Monroe
Merritt Patterson, Justin Kelly, Lanie McAuley
1h 24min
Romantic comedy directed by Stephen R. Monroe - movie "The Bad Date Chronicles" - your best choice of pastime in the circle of friends. This is a story about the famous journalist Lee. The girl runs the site Bad Date Chronicles. His theme is a failed meeting. Here, each person can tell others about his failure, his conclusions from experience. Once the competitor of the publication of the blogger Conner saw on Lee's website that he, too, was being discussed there. And then he takes a bold step: Conner invites Lee to a date. Why did he do this? The guy wants to find out which of the two of them should be the subject of discussion on Bad Date Chronicles - he or the hostess of the site. The filmmaker is known as the creator of the horror thriller "I Spit on Your Graves", the dramatic detective "The Deadly Labyrinth", the producer and scriptwriter of the action movie "Monica", the drama "Smug". It's time to evaluate the skill of the cinematographer in the genre of comedy melodrama ...
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