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Favorites Bright (2017)

Bright (2017)
Year, country:
David Ayer
Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace
1h 57min
The world has changed beyond recognition. In a new society, people and supernatural beings dwell together. They get along well and obey, jointly created and established, laws. The fantasy world has all the usual attributes of the ordinary habitat: residential buildings, administrative buildings. Citizens are divided not into subspecies, but into law-abiding and offenders, as in any cultural society. Live next to the fantastic characters is very unusual. It's just not clear how you can be calm and happy, you never know what fabulous creatures can throw.

They are also disposed towards people, because they do not understand what to expect from them, they consider it a real threat, and they think they are the highest creatures on the planet. In law enforcement agencies, people work alongside other unusual races. They together track and punish the attackers. Suddenly in the fairy-tale city there is a chain of strange murders. For the investigation of the mysterious case, two experienced police officers belonging to different races are taken. One is a person, and the other is an orc.

Despite the different nature of origin, external and physical differences, they are considered best friends and work fine in tandem. In the course of the search actions, the partners find out that the villains are looking for an all-powerful magic object - a magic wand. It has destructive power and is capable of destroying the entire surrounding world. A wonderful little thing is kept by the elf girl and is connected with the mistress at the subconscious level. No one can take possession of a wand until Tikka dies. The girl opens a mass hunt. The police take her under guard. Between the elf and the person there is sympathy.
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