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Unfallen (2017)
Year, country:
Dante, Josh Hodgins
Michael Madsen, James Hong, Rebekah Kochan
1h 37min
The beginning of the nineties. Tajikistan. The country is going through a civil war. Fate-villain prepared tests for the two twin brothers, separating them. One of the boys was adopted by a family living in the States, the second became a student of a well-known criminal authority. Years passed, they grew and lived their lives. Despite this, the goals that each pursued led both to Afghanistan. Fate gave them a meeting. The "American" came to infiltrate the Taliban group. It's his job. The second one came to carry out the operation to transfer drugs. They dreamed of finding their relatives, but not against the background of war and anger, hatred and betrayal. The brothers found the strength to set aside everything and unite. Having escaped from their "bosses", they went to Tajikistan. And in their hands they have a flash drive on which data has been written that can become a reason for wars or the redistribution of the forces of influence in the world ...
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