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Disconnected (2017)
Year, country:
Anastazja Davis
Bridger Zadina, Darya Hope, Olivia d'Abo
1h 36min
The main character of the drama film "Disconnected" 2017 Sean - an ordinary guy, like all the peers living on the seashore, he loves surfing, playing computer games in all sorts, spending free time with friends who share his diverse interests. Unfortunately, strict parents do not share the views of the modern, frivolous, meaningless youth. They are categorically opposed to the aimless, not bringing any benefit for the overall development of pastime.

Adult relatives believe that in order to build a happy future, it is necessary to study the various sciences diligently, to regularly attend music school and tennis training. Such parental requirements are completely incompatible with the guy's ideas about happiness and contradict his life priorities and views on his own construction of a successful future. On the basis of insurmountable differences in the family there are constant quarrels, which bring a lot of unpleasant emotional experiences to both opposing sides, to go not willing to compromise.

There is a perpetual irreconcilable confrontation between two generations, where no one has the wisdom to make concessions on some to smooth out the sharp corners and establish some semblance of calm and universal satisfaction. Once after another loud conflict, Sean's nerves fail, he can no longer withstand constant psychological pressure and makes a rash, spontaneous act. The guy decides to run away from home. Having stolen his father's car, he goes to California to visit the girl Chloe, whom he met, corresponding with social networks, and never met before that moment.
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