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The Disaster Artist (2017) HD
The Disaster Artist (2017)
Year, country:
James Franco
James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor
1h 44min
For the first time about the movie "Room" I learned from the review of the Nostalgic Critic. I did not really like the public, but I remember the reviews on the Matrix and the film Weiso. And the latter I was so interested in frostbitten play and tempo-rhythm that I decided to watch, even in the original.
  The plot of the film is simple. There is a monstrous guy who has a lot of friends and a beautiful girl (why?) And here the girl cheats on him with a friend, why the hero long crashes the furniture and shoots himself very naturally in his mouth. The very beginning of the title of the film- Director: Tommy Vaiso, Scenario: Tommy Weissot, Starring: Tommy Weissot, already a little alarming. Next, you try to understand who is this guy, reminiscent of the paralyzed David Blaine, and what did he do for the actors that they did this ?!
Well, it's clear that he is a businessman, maybe, and now he has gathered his friends of actors, and decided to stir up the story, perhaps from his life, purely for himself. But this is a game .. More precisely, the complete absence of this! Vaiso gives replicas, as if he is afraid of forgetting the text, no ratings, or emotional transitions, a complete lack of facial expressions. In the end, in some particularly tense and stupid moments, you begin to tear laugh at the idiocy of what is happening on the screen.
  As for the artwork "Woe to the creator," James Franco and Seth Rogen, the situation "themselves have written, they played themselves" is not familiar by hearsay, remember at least the "Pineapple Express" and the film about the Apocalypse. But after the series "Two" interest in his work has increased even more. Obviously, he will continue to make niche films based on realities and unlike Vaiso and Hopper (yes, Dennis Hopper was also a director at the dawn of his career!) Franco, I'm eating, waiting for success.
Well, actually, the story about how the film was shot, recreated by the game of the brothers Franco and Erie Graynor. Tommy is most likely a Cajun from New Orleans. Kajuny is such a Franco-Canadian diaspora, living in Louisiana and communicating in an obscure dialect - hence the accent of the protagonist. Paralysis of the face is possible because of the mysterious accident that the protagonist suffered. And here this monster with the soul of the child on the acting courses finds a friend and, despite the problems with communication, decides together with him to realize in Los Angeles a dream to become an actor. About how ineptly Tommy squandered the film budget, delayed the deadlines of the film and what came of it you already see for yourself.
  Separately delivered mise-en-scenes from the original film "Room" and "The Disaster Artist," which completely duplicate each other. Something similar can be seen in "Ring with an Eagle in the Crown" Andrzej Wajda. There is a scene where the young actor completely duplicates the scene performed by Zbigniew Tsybulsky from Asha's "Ashes and Diamond", although between the films 30 years have passed and the actor has long been dead. Such scenes are one to one impressive.
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