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Favorites Gangsterdam (2017)

Gangsterdam (2017)
Year, country:
Romain Lévy
Kev Adams, Manon Azem, Côme Levin
1h 40min
Ruben is a young guy who is a real loser. For several years now he has been desperately trying to establish a relationship with a girl who has been in love with for months. But because of the lack of self-confidence, Ruben now and then falls into all sorts of comical situations, remaining in her face a total fool. Despite this, the protagonist does not drop his hands and still cherishes the hopes that sooner or later he will achieve what he wants. But soon the situation takes a new turn ...
His beloved decides to leave his native land. She is on her way to Amsterdam to start life with a clean slate. Ruben, of course, goes after the day, on the road overcoming many obstacles. But as soon as he gets to this Dutch city, he finds out that this girl is already in a relationship with another man. Moreover, he is not someone, but the real leader of a criminal group that regularly commits violent crimes. The main one realizes that for him this is the last chance to prove himself and win her heart. He enters into an unequal battle with the Mafiosi. All this leads to a lot of funny situations, to get rid of which Ruben will be incredibly difficult.
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