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Favorites Monster Trucks (2016)

Monster Trucks (2016)
Year, country:
Chris Wedge
Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon
1h 44min
In a quiet American wilderness, where entertainment is limited, and boredom is depressed by most of the teenagers, there lives a schoolboy named Tripple. A clever inventor, who skillfully deals with technology, inventively creates a new transport from the recycled vehicles of the second poshiba, spending all his free time in the dump. The passion of the hero of the movie "Monster Truck" is irresistible, and his selfless efforts are gradually paid off with their own designed and working machines. The obsession is not to the liking of the classmates and parents of the young man, as painstaking, dirty work with tools in his hands is not the best way to get friends. The lonely designer did not lose heart, often missed the admonition of adults, returning to the modest komorku and engaged in another iron creation.
However, once the explosion of the tower forever changed the boring and gray life of a young man. It was rumored that in the city after the incident appeared some malicious and very dangerous monster. The wicked creature was looking for patrols from police snoops, they were interested in the bandits, hoping to benefit from the appearance of an incomprehensible and unprecedented creation with many tentacles. True, this "creature", scared the whole city, was an innocuous and friendly marine resident. KinoGB.club. A speed fan accidentally stumbled upon Tripple, who, convinced of the ingenuity and kindness of the creature that met, called him his friend and gave his name. Krich remained with the hero "Monster Truck", shared interest in cars and extreme. The friendship grew stronger, and the guy even decided to show a friend to a friend who appreciated the ingenuity and credulity of Krich.
Nevertheless, a friend of Tripple has enemies who want to find him. The foggy future of the underwater inhabitant is hanging by a thread. The couple will have to find out where their friend comes from, and how to get it back so that the attackers do not harm him. Somewhere there is a scientist dealing with the same issue. Will they find disinterested volunteers, ready to return Krich to the natural habitat?
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