Favorites Stripped to Kill 2: Live Girls (1989)

Stripped to Kill 2: Live Girls (1989) HD
Stripped to Kill 2: Live Girls (1989)
Year, country:
Katt Shea
Maria Ford, Eb Lottimer, Karen Mayo-Chandler
1h 25min
The action takes place in one of the strip clubs in Los Angeles, where one by one the strippers begin to die. The heroine of Mary Ford has supernatural powers - she sees in the dreams of murder even before they happen.
The film "Stripped to Kill 2: Live Girls" was released in 1989 and immediately earned the attention of moviegoers in different corners of the Earth. Films from the thriller genre have always been very popular, besides, when they are shot by such famous filmmakers as Katt Shea. The country that contributed to this film production is considered the US, because viewers can already approximately represent the level of the picture for the same creations.
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