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Bleeding Steel (2017) HD
Bleeding Steel (2017)
Year, country:
Leo Zhang
Jackie Chan, Show Lo, Na-Na OuYang
1h 49min
The plot of the film "Bleeding Steel":
An experienced agent of the secret service had to get involved in dangerous confrontations with the criminal world countless times. And every time he managed to come out victorious from difficult situations, never passing the existing prohibitions. A true professional knew for sure that he would be able to retire to a well-deserved peace only in the case of a guaranteed triumph of legality.
During the next complex operation, the warrior accidentally saved an unknown girl. Becoming an unwitting witness of the gang's actions, she turned into a dangerous and undesirable witness for them. In this situation, inevitable liquidation was waiting for her, because the bearer of important information was not needed by anyone. But the real hero who sees injustice, it was impossible to frighten off or force to act against conscience. He had to take on himself all the difficulties associated with saving a new acquaintance. But the most unusual thing for the hero was that the longer the conversation with the young person continued, the more clearly he understood her unusual. All indicated that the meeting clearly had a place in the past life. It remained only to unravel the secret of the past in order to understand the prospects for a possible future.
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