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Favorites Beast of Burden (2018)

Beast of Burden (2018)
Year, country:
Jesper Ganslandt
Daniel Radcliffe, Grace Gummer, Pablo Schreiber
1h 29min
The pilot Sean Haggerty has always been proud of his profession. He has a wonderful wife Jen and great prospects in life. A young man carries a small contraband for the sake of work. For this, Haggerty uses a small Sessna plane, which he owns. After some time, he realized that it was necessary to start a criminal business. Sean does not hesitate to break off relations with criminals.
However, as described in the film "Pack of Beasts," the pilot's family experienced a disaster. Doctors found a terrible disease in Jen. A woman needs an urgent expensive operation, and they do not have such means. Medical insurance even half can not provide coverage of a huge amount.
This was learned by the former criminal boss Haggerty. He offers to pay all medical expenses, but for this, Sean must transfer the narcotic potion from Mexico to the United States. And he must do it in one day. In case of betrayal, he will be removed by the Bloom killer. Simultaneously, the pilot is contacted by the government agent Malory. Haggerty for one day must make an incredible and at the same time satisfy all sides.
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