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Pod (2015) HD
Pod (2015)
Year, country:
Mickey Keating
Lauren Ashley Carter, Dean Cates, Brian Morvant
1h 18min
The film "Cocoon" tells about an unusual object found in a snow-covered forest and the terrible consequences of this find.
Martin - a veteran of the fighting, unable to adapt to a peaceful life and having some problems with the psyche. He goes to the lake house owned by his family to be alone.
His brother Ed starts to suspect something is wrong when Martin comes a strange message and, ignoring the request of the latter not to come, Ed is going on the road. He takes with his sister Laila, not particularly located for the trip, but yielded to persuasion.
Their worries were fully justified: Martin is behaving inadequately. His consciousness is confused: stories about experiments on him are replaced by stories about the find at the lake and the monster, locked in the basement. After a short conversation, he recites that everyone here will die, and cut his throat. And the confused Laila and Ed remain in his foil-stained home with full confidence that they need to go down to the basement and see what finally brought their brother's mind crazy ...
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