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Headgame (2018)
Year, country:
Steven Judd
Sidney Allison, Semi Anthony, Cameron Bowen
1h 32min
Cute Jackie works as a trainer in a yoga studio. The girl shares one apartment with neighbor Paula. Once among her wards appeared nice guy Chris. He invited Jackie to a romantic date. The girl said goodbye to her friend and went out into the yard, where she was waiting for Chris. The evening was a success. Then the guy suggested that Jackie play one funny game with his friends. The girl did not hesitate to agree, because she liked this young man so much.
Chris took Jackie to a closed hangar, where there were already a lot of people who had fun. The guy introduced other participants. Strong will of Jackson. Anton is physically strong and splendidly shoots. A little treacherous and deceptive Kit. Lemi is the former tennis star. Sports troeborets Nick. Kat in the past gymnast lost her voice. Orphan with anxious neuroses Sarah. Mike is a man on call. Everyone drank and danced. Then, as described in the movie "The Deadly Game", all participants suddenly fell asleep. When the men and women woke up, each of them in the frontal cavity was mounted camera. You need to find the key to the door, but only one will get to freedom.
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