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Favorites Iron Man Three (2013)

Iron Man Three (2013)
Year, country:
Shane Black
Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow
2h 10min
The multimillionaire, the inventor and the only man with an electromagnetic reactor in his chest - all this is about Tony Stark. His most successful development, the armored suit "Iron Patriot," serves faithfully and truthfully to America, defending the president himself. An insidious villain, nicknamed Mandarin, challenges the US security system. In his speeches, he appeals to the president, promising the latter a short existence. Daring terrorist attacks of Mandarin are accompanied by explosions of very high temperature. Tony perceives the challenge of Mandarin as a challenge to himself. The attack of the Mandarin army takes Tony by surprise - he barely manages to keep his beloved Pepper. In films4k.org you can watch online movies in HD, watch free movies, watch full movie online free. The experimental version of the armored suit throws the barely alive Tony in the American outback - where the first terrorist attack of Mandarin happened. It turns out that the source of monstrous explosions is people who have been altered with the help of the "Extremis" technology. In the meantime, the Mandarin army is seizing the Iron Iron Patriot suit and board number 1 along with the US president. Stark connects the disparate data and finds the true culprit. The Lovers (2013) watch full movie online free in films4k.org. In the final battle of the ingenious inventor with the mad scientist, Stark will benefit from all his developments and the help of the incomparable Pepper.
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