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Favorites Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence (2016)
Year, country:
Rawson Marshall Thurber
Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danielle Nicolet
1h 47min
This graduation class was never very friendly, but many years after graduation, classmates began to look for each other. For so many years, life has scattered them all over the country, and they wondered who, what is living now. The main character became an accountant and suddenly realized that he wants to contact classmates to get everyone together and talk. Through Facebook, he already managed to find his old friend, who at school was also considered a loser. In films4k.org you can watch Central Intelligence (2016) online in HD and full movie. But he could not even imagine that his friend, whom the whole school was mocking, would become like this. Former an outcast, he became an employee of the special services. And that his activities are very strange. Namely, the man in the movie "A Spy and a Half" is engaged in outright espionage and sells military classified materials. His work reaches international proportions and it seems that he has already begun to be suspected of illegal treacherous activities. Thus, the former classmate was involuntarily involved in some of his former comrade's affairs. Behind them the pursuit unfolds, but every time the daredevils manage to escape from the stupid messengers of the special services. As the unfolding of events, with them there are various curious cases, and with school friends, as with the goose water. Each time they improbably manage to get out of the water, while special services feel just helpless.
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