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Big Time Movie (2012) HD
Big Time Movie (2012)
Year, country:
Savage Steve Holland
Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega
1h 8min
Fans had time to love hard four talented musicians from the band "Big Time Rush" on Foggy Albion - they watched their every step to success, from listening and first rehearsals to solo concerts. The long-awaited premiere of a full-length film will tell about new adventures of children.
Get ready for the big journey - "Big Time Rush" Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan go on a world tour! And the first stop is London, the birthplace of the greatest band - the Beatles. Arriving on British soil, the guys immediately fall into a series of funny and dangerous adventures...
In their first world tour - they become heroes of this thriller. At the airport, their baggage was mixed up, and they inadvertently seized the device that could destroy the world. The guys are now hunted by villains, federal agents, Swedish spies and the owner of a secret device, a billionaire businessman. The guys have to save the world and not be late for their own concert...
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