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Favorites The Chaperone (2011)

The Chaperone (2011) HD
The Chaperone (2011)
Year, country:
Stephen Herek
Paul Levesque, Kevin Corrigan, José Zúñiga
1h 43min
Having spent several years in prison for robbing a bank, Ray Bradstone decides to move away from criminal cases, trying to establish relations with his former wife Lynn and their daughter Sally. But when all the attempts made by a man turn out to be in vain, and honest money can not be found, he will go on yet another crime - the last thing in his life, presenting the public with another fascinating plot in the genre of the comic thriller. And you can not wait to watch the film. Accompanying one of the most iconic filmmakers of our time, Stephen Jherek, who previously presented such films as Rock Star, 101 Dalmatians and Mighty Ducklings? Then put off all the work and look forward to enjoying the quality video!
He was the best driver of all living people, but he had to offer his services to people very doubtful. The scheme is simple: it does its job, does not ask unnecessary questions, gets a good fee, and in the end everyone is happy. And although he realizes that he is working for robbers, thus becoming an accomplice in crimes, he can not give up another big kush. But in one day, Ray will still come to understand that money is not the main thing in life, because his beloved wife Lynn moves away from him, and the only daughter Sally would not want her father to be a criminal...
Deciding to return to normal life, the protagonist builds up relations with his family step by step, but the vicissitudes of fate are such that the guy can not find a normal, decent job. And he will decide: the last time to sit behind the wheel, the last time to play with the law, only to what it can lead? Let's watch online in good quality Accompanying and follow the stunning adventures that await our hero on his criminal path!
The accompanying film is a dynamic, action, exciting thriller, every frame of which is impregnated with an excellent acting game and extraordinary turns of events - and our virtual resource gives you an excellent opportunity to become its direct participant.
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