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Liar Liar (1997)
Year, country:
Tom Shadyac
Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Amanda Donohoe
1h 26min
The comedy "Lear, Lear," produced by the United States, directed by Tom Shedyak, once again tries to make us believe in a truism: if something is wanted, the desire will come true. The boy Max suffers, his mother Audrey and Father Fletcher are divorced. Because my dad always lies to everyone. On his birthday, blowing out candles on the cake, Max makes a single wish, let the pope stop lying. And the child's desire was fulfilled.
For Father Fletcher Reed, this means the end of a career, because he is a lawyer, the profession obliges to lie to save the punishment of his clients from criminals. That's where the comedy begins, how to apply "professional" skills and help the client, help him win in the divorce process. And do not lie with it. Artist Jim Carrey is trying to show us the despair of the official-judge, his stupid attempts to conduct business truthfully, within the framework of the law, his despondency from his own incompetence. All this in the usual manner of Carrie, with grimaces, grimaces, even shaking his head on the toilet, sink, urinal. The development and finale of the film "Liar Liar" are predictable. Flacker Reed begins to cut the truth of the uterus in the eye always and everywhere: customers, colleagues at work, superiors. What will it turn out for him?
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