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Favorites Life (1999)

Life (1999)
Year, country:
Ted Demme
Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Obba Babatundé
1h 48min
On the screen we see 1932, New York. Because of the dry law, respectable citizens are forced to stay in underground drinking establishments. There are also intersected the roads of Ray Gibson - a petty thief and Claude Banks - an unlucky bank employee. Both were in big trouble, not having pleased the boss of the mafia. To rehabilitate their position, friends agree to drive a truck full of liquor to New York from the Mississippi. On the way, they are arrested, accused of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Now comrades in misfortune will be forced to spend their entire lives in the company of criminals, bearing at the same time the hope to escape... In films4k.org you can watch Life (1999) online in HD and full movie.
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