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Favorites Fish in a Barrel (2001)

Fish in a Barrel (2001) HD
Fish in a Barrel (2001)
Year, country:
Kent Dalian
Jeremy Renner, Stephen Ingle, Rene M. Rigal
1h 25min
This is the film about the fact that six idiots stole four million diamonds and drank with them in New York, that's the situation ...Kent Dalian makes his feature debut as writer, director, and star of the independent crime comedy Fish in a Barrel. In a New York apartment, six eccentric characters fight over stolen goods. Bumbling thieves Eddie, Casper, Sammy, and Remy manage to pull off a job stealing a case of diamonds.  In films4k.org you can watch Fish in a Barrel (2001) online in HD and full movie.Homicidal Nina and cop Bill O'Connor try to get the diamonds for themselves. Fish in a Barrel was shown at the 2001 New York Independent Festival...
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