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Fletch (1985) HD
Fletch (1985)
Year, country:
Michael Ritchie
Chevy Chase, Joe Don Baker, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
1h 38min
His expert, the best reporter in Irwin Fletcher, just Fletch for his colleagues, adores his work and skillfully performs it, resorting to constant reincarnations and a wonderful acting game. Carrying out his journalistic investigations, Fletch always finds himself in incredible adventures. There was no exception, and the last thing when he pretended to be a buglike drug addict was investigating the drug deal on the beaches of sunny California. Collecting important information Fletch receives an enticing, but very strange proposal from a successful businessman who offers him $ 50,000 for his own murder. But Fletch senses something wrong and undertakes to investigate this matter in order to get to the truth.
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