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Priceless (2016)
Year, country:
Ben Smallbone
Joel Smallbone, Bianca A. Santos, David Koechner
1h 37min
James Stephens had a very ordinary life. Sometimes things change and not always in a good way. James's wife was tragically killed. The consequences affected quickly enough. Authors of the film, actually happened in the recent past and all people, events, dramas and tragedies took place in real life - to watch the movie Priceless. James sinks lower and lower. James is constantly angry, aggressive and depressed, his former friends try to avoid him, he is driven from all decent institutions and people who value their business reputation do not work. The only thing that James can count on is random work-outs. However, James is a curious guy and yet decided to look at what he is transporting for his employers. Mexican girls, and instantly realized that he was involved in human trafficking. The man try to help strangers in trouble - watch the movie Priceless. James was left without work and stable earnings. Stephens urgently searches for any earnings. Finally, as described in the movie "Priceless", has turned up. James offers to overtake a truck with a booth along the specified route. Payment in cash and large enough, the man did not hesitate to agree. Car accidentally fell into the ditch and James had to open the booth. There was a living commodity, two sister-Asian Maria and Melody. Girls are designed for sexual entertainment...
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